If you have ever subscribed to A\J, we would like to thank you with our most sincere gratitude. As of 2022, we have made the transition to a digital first strategy, which means we will no longer be printing magazines. This change is happening in part due to supply chain issues, but also because a digital first strategy brings a wealth of opportunities that printed content is unable to. If you’d like to read more about why we made this change, you can read here! As a result, this also means we will no longer have subscriptions! If you would like to support or collaborate with us, be sure to read ‘Our Vision‘, or if you feel so inclined you can donate to us here!

Thank you for all of your years of support and readership. Without your support we could not have made it these past 51 years. While the magazines may be digital now, we can ensure that the quality will be as good – if not better – than ever, and we can’t wait to keep providing content that continues to empower environmental storytelling as well as those who tell the stories.