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45.2 Getting There: The Ecosystem of Human Movement

Alternatives Journal is releasing our latest issue, Getting There: The Ecosystem of Human Movement. The carbon footprint of an individual within a developed country is drastically higher than someone in a developing country. The reason behind this is partly in how we choose to get around. We drive to work […]


43.2 Food and Resilience

43.2 FOOD AND RESILIENCE explores the impacts of climate change on our food systems, with a particular eye on the innovations that will allow us to create a more resilient nutritional network. Feature stories include:

Cover 43.1 Ecological Economics

43.1 Ecological Economics

43.1 ECOLOGICAL ECONOMICS: Partnering with the Canadian Society for Ecological Economics (CANSEE) and led by guest editors Katie Kish, Brett Dolter and Andreas Link, this issue seeks to help us understand how to balance environmental protection with economic opportunities, a key topic facing all Canadians as we seek to transition […]

Cover 42.4 Lifelong Learning

42.4 Lifelong Learning

42.4 LIFELONG LEARNING explores how environmental education has grown beyond the classroom to incorporate a world of experiential learning tools, from open-access lectures to hands-on ecotourism. In this issue, we begin to explore this new dynamic in this new age of environmental education, with feature stories including:

42.3 Belonging

42.3 Belonging

THE PRINT EDITION OF THIS ISSUE IS SOLD-OUT; PLEASE CONSIDER BUYING A DIGITAL EDITION. 42.3 BELONGING In collaboration with the Kitchener-Waterloo Community Foundation, the next issue of A\J explores how building a deeper sense of belonging is at the root of building stronger communities. Featured Content:

42.2 Coming Home

42.2 Coming Home

42.2 COMING HOME explores the complex issue of housing; everything from the current economic crisis to the ways in which where and how we live has an impact on the environment. Guest editors Markus Moos and Sean Hertel, two urban planning gurus, guide you on this journey. Some of the highlights: 

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42.1 Faith, Hope and Charities

42.1 Faith, Hope and Charities explores how faith groups and environmental leaders are helping to contour a horizon of hope amid debilitating data on climate change. The issue’s theme editor Stephen Bede Scharper, professor of environment at University of Toronto and leading expert on the intersection of faith and environmentalism, has […]

41.5 Out of the Box

Out of the Box 41.5

PRINT EDITION SOLD OUT; PLEASE CONSIDER BUYING A DIGITAL EDITION INSTEAD. A\J’s third out of the box issue pushes us out of our comfort zone and challenges us to think about the environment from different aspects. In this issue you’ll understand species extinction through prints, paintings, sculptures, photographs, video, textiles, multimedia […]

41.4 Careers

Careers 41.4

A\J’s Careers issue explores how to maximize your environmental education and paths to take when you graduate. Also included is our 2015 environmental education directory.  Some highlights

Fashion 41.3

Fashion 41.3

A\J’S FASHION ISSUE explores how the low prices and über-trendiness of “fast fashion” come at the expense of both people and the environment – and offers a number of ways you can reduce your fashion footprint. Highlights: