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Dear Reader

A simple note of thanks from a writer.

Dear Reader,

Everything that has ever been written has been for you. Perhaps I shouldn’t speak for every writer that has ever produced an article, book, essay, letter, or poem – but I can speak for myself and likely most writers out there. I write for you. When I put my thoughts onto paper, when I write out the ideas that swim around in my mind, when I share my stories and small glimpses of the contents of my heart, it is all for you.

As a writer, I think of you often, especially when I’m creating. I wonder what you’ll think of my words and phrases, whether you’ll feel inspired, shocked, interested, delighted, or the complete opposite. I care about what you think and feel when you read my work. Often, I probably care too much that it affects which words I end up scratching out and which ones I let run free. But, since I write for you, it’s worth all the wrestling to get it just right.

I want my stories to be like a party invitation for you, a card that you unexpectedly receive in the mail and stick on the fridge in anticipation. I want you to feel like you don’t know exactly what will happen at the party but that the uncertainty makes you more intrigued to attend. Once you enter the party, I want you to feel welcomed and acquainted by all of my selves that are occupying the room. There’s intellectual Siobhan by the drink table, talking to anyone who gets thirsty for knowledge about the news, statistics, and science – educating and sharing what she can. There’s wall-flower Siobhan, sitting in the corner, observing the events taking place, sharply attuned to the tone and mood of the room. Activist Siobhan is on the dance floor, of course, using her energy and voice to inspire you to join in. Storyteller Siobhan is doing her rounds, making sure that every other part of myself is doing their best to fulfill their role, and making sure that you, the guest, are enjoying yourself. I want you to feel invited into my story and have a positive, memorable experience overall.

It takes energy and heart to write stories for you, but I know it also takes energy and heart to read stories and give feedback. That is why writing for you can be so rewarding – it is motivating and empowering when you reciprocate the welcoming feeling that I create for you by sharing your own thoughts, ideas, and appreciation with me, too. The support means the world. Even if the only reader is you, it is more important to me to impact one individual in a deep and meaningful way that affects positive change than many individuals on a surface level. 

I hope I can continue to enlighten and inspire you in all the ways I can. Thank you for reading. Thank you for supporting. Thank you for receiving my invitation and deciding to come to my party. Don’t worry, you will always get an invite. 


A Writer

Siobhan Mullally (she/her) has an Honours B.E.S. from the School of Environment, Resources and Sustainability (SERS) at the University of Waterloo with a minor in English Language and Literature and two diplomas in Environmental Assessment and Ecosystem Restoration and Rehabilitation. For her senior thesis, she travelled to Labrador to study climate change impacts on tundra ecosystems in the Canadian Subarctic. As a budding ecologist, researcher, and writer, she is interested in exploring the intersections between ecology and communication to inspire climate change and help others develop a deeper appreciation for nature. In her free time, she enjoys spending time in nature and getting lost in her favourite novels.